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Prisoner Transport

The Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office Transportation Division consists of one Corporal and two fulltime Deputies, as well as several part-time Deputies.  Their primary responsibility is for the safe and efficient transportation of inmates to and from the courts, and other correctional facilities throughout the state.  Transport is also responsible for the movement of inmates for

appointments relative to fulfilling their medical, mental health, rehabilitative and dental needs.  Additionally, Transport personnel are responsible for the transfer of all corresponding paperwork that follows the inmate as they travel throughout the system.

Kennebec County is the central location for the Central Maine Prisoner Transportation Hub.  On regularly scheduled intervals neighboring counties transport inmates to the Kennebec County Correctional Facility, who in turn are transported to other county and state facilities.  This results in reducing the number of counties transporting inmates to the same facilities resulting in efficiencies that save time, money and increase the level of safety for all those concerned.

Transportation personnel work closely with all stakeholders in the Criminal Justice System to ensure the safety of the public and the prevention of escapes by the prisoners for whom they are responsible.

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