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Corrections Mission

The mission of the Corrections' Division is to serve and protect the community by providing a secure and humane environment for those entrusted to our custody. We will maximize programming that reduces Criminogenic behavior and recidivism, promotes pro-social thinking, and enhances successful re-integration back into society. This will be accomplished through fiscal responsibility, in the least restrictive setting, without compromising public safety.


As an integral part of the Criminal Justice System, our vision is to strengthen public safety by achieving excellence in correctional practices.

Core Values

For Emergencies
Dial 9-1-1

Kennebec County
Sheriff's Office

125 State Street
Augusta, Maine 04330

Phone:   (207) 623-3614
     Fax:   (207) 623-6387

Kennebec County
Correctional Facility

115 State Street
Augusta, Maine 04330

Phone:   (207) 623-2270
     Fax:   (207) 623-8787

Tips Hotline: (207) 626-6198 or
(If you would like to remain anonymous,
please state so in the email.)

Regional Communications Center Augusta, Maine:
Phone: (207) 624-7076