Kennebec County Sheriff's Office
For Emergencies, Dial 9-1-1

Integrated Health Care Department

Medication Drop-Off:

  1. Medication drop-offs will not be allowed, unless the medications are pre-approved through the health care provider and KCCF Administration.
  2. Arrestees arriving at KCCF with personal medications will have their medications placed in the medication lock box at intake. The medical provider will check the box daily to collect the medications.
  3. Upon release from KCCF the arrestees will have all medications returned.
  4. Inmates being transported from the State Prison, Psychiatric Hospital or other facilities that are on medications will be prescribed a (14) fourteen day supply, upon verification by the health care provider. The inmate will continue to use their medication at KCCF until they are seen by the medical provider or sent back to their originating facility.

Medical Department(207) 623-2270 ext. 1245

Mental Health Department(207) 623-2270 ext. 1247