Kennebec County Sheriff's Office
For Emergencies, Dial 9-1-1

Frequently Asked Questions

Property Drop-Off:

  • As of April 10th 2018, All Drop-Off's are no longer accepted.

Picking up property from an inmate:

  • Inmates are permitted to release their personal items.  They MUST fill out a Property Release Form prior to the release of any property.  The inmate has to release the property to you specifically.
  • In order to receive an inmate’s property, you must be able to supply proper identification.  A photographic Identification is preferred.

Coming to the Correctional Facility to serve a sentence? What you can bring:

  • You can bring your medications in the original container. You will not be allowed to take Narcotics while in custody of the Kennebec County Correctional Facility.
  • You may bring money.
  • While wedding rings and religious jewelry are allowed, we recommend that you do not bring in valuables. We will not be responsible for the loss of valuables.
  • All other items will be placed in a property box and returned to you upon release from the facility.

Inmate Telephone:

  • Every Committal receives two (2) free local phone calls when they come into custody to notify family of their location and arrange for legal assistance.
  • If you wish to receive phone calls from inmates at this Facility you will need to setup an inmate telephone account by calling 1-800-844-6591. You can also service or set up a phone account by going to
  • Blocking numbers: If you do not want to receive phone calls from someone at the Kennebec County Correctional Facility please contact a Supervisor or the Intake Department and they can block your telephone number from being called.

Inmate Identification Numbers:

  • When a Committal comes into custody, they are assigned an Inmate Identification Number. This number enables them to order commissary.
  • If you would like to know an Inmate’s Identification Number, please call (207) 623-2270 ext. 1230, and speak with the Intake Officer on duty.