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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division of the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office is under the command of a Captain and an administrative Staff Sergeant.  Those responsible for covering the patrol shifts include a Sergeant, two corporals and nine deputies.  Two of those deputies are under current assignment to the Criminal Investigations Division; one as a detective and the other as a narcotics crimes investigator.  In addition to the full time staff, the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office also employs several part-time and reserve deputies who assist in providing police services throughout our communities.

Deputies in Dress Uniform

The Patrol Division is charged with providing professional law enforcement services to approximately 122,000 Kennebec County residents as well as the commuters and visitors traveling on its roadways.  The Patrol Division provides primary and secondary law enforcement to twenty-nine cities and towns as well as one township, all spanning over an 879 square mile geographical area.

Pittston Traffic Accident

In 2010, Kennebec County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to approximately 15,000 calls for service throughout the jurisdictional boundaries of Kennebec County.  Amongst those requests for assistance included reports of 1,734 crimes against persons; 502 property crimes; 873 traffic accidents; 324 physical arrests; 479 civil disturbances; 240 domestic violence incidents and over 1,300 assists to other law enforcement agencies.

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