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Frequently Asked Questions

Property Drop-Off:

  • Property can be dropped off, twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.
  • Authorized clothing that can be dropped off is as follows:
    • (4) White underwear
    • (4) White socks
    • (4) White bras, no under wire
    • (4) White t-shirts
  • All clothing that is dropped off MUST be new and in the original packaging, it cannot have been opened or tampered with for security purposes.

Picking up property from an inmate:

  • Inmates are permitted to release their personal items.  They MUST fill out a Property Release Form prior to the release of any property.  The inmate has to release the property to you specifically.
  • In order to receive an inmate’s property, you must be able to supply proper identification.  A photographic Identification is preferred.

Coming to the Correctional Facility to serve a sentence? What you can bring:

  • You can bring your medications in the original container. You will not be allowed to take Narcotics while in custody of the Kennebec County Correctional Facility.
  • You may bring white socks, white underwear, white bras (with no under wire),  and white t-shirts with you.  The items have to be new and in the original packaging.
  • You may bring money.
  • While wedding rings and religious jewelry are allowed, we recommend that you do not bring in valuables. We will not be responsible for the loss of valuables.

Inmate Telephone:

  • Every Committal receives two (2) free local phone calls when they come into custody to notify family of their location and arrange for legal assistance.
  • If you wish to receive phone calls from inmates at this Facility you will need to setup an inmate telephone account by calling 1-888-949-3303. You can also service or set up a phone account by going to
  • Blocking numbers: If you do not want to receive phone calls from someone at the Kennebec County Correctional Facility please contact a Supervisor or the Intake Department and they can block your telephone number from being called.

Inmate Identification Numbers:

  • When a Committal comes into custody, they are assigned an Inmate Identification Number. This number enables them to order commissary.
  • If you would like to know an Inmate’s Identification Number, please call (207) 623-2270 ext. 1230, and speak with the Intake Officer on duty.


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