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The Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for all court security services in Kennebec County.  The Court Security Division of the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for ensuring the safety of all participants in the judicial system while within the courts.  The Sheriff’s Office is contracted to perform these duties through the Office of State Judicial Marshals.  The Division is made up of fifteen (15) full and part-time Court Security Deputies and supervised by one (1) Lieutenant and one (1) Sergeant.

Kennebec County has three (3) courthouses and one Family Court.  The District Courts are located in Waterville and Augusta.  The Superior Court and Family Court are also located in Augusta.  Over fifteen thousand (15,000) cases were heard at the Kennebec Courts in 2010.  These cases consisted of Criminal, Civil, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Protection Orders, Motor Vehicle, Juvenile and Video Court.

With the volume of cases that are on the docket in Kennebec County, Court Security Deputies are always aware of the potential dangers that could arise.  Through their training and experience they ensure the safety of all those participating in the process.  Court Security Division personal generally have many years of prior full-time law enforcement experience.

Entry screening throughout Kennebec County Courts is one of the methods used to keep weapons and contraband from entering the Courthouse.  It is illegal to bring dangerous weapons into any courthouse in Kennebec County.  Individuals possessing illegal contraband are subject to arrest by Court Security Deputies, as they are all sworn law enforcement officers.  Further; the possession of knives, tools and other potentially dangerous items is forbidden and shall be cause for removal from the facility of those individuals in violation of Administrative Order JB-05-9.  The determination of the dangers of any item shall be at the discretion of the Court Security Deputy(s) assigned to the courthouse.

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